My intention with this blog is to remedy a question. However, to come to a satisfactory answer may be akin to, as Stephen Hawking commonly puts it “asking what is south of the South Pole?” Nevertheless, it will be questioned. I will posit that it is not as necessarily unanswerable as Mr. Hawking’s question, but rather its answer is relativistic and can only be satisfied, if at all, on such terms. The question I ask is a question that each and every one of us has pondered on more than one instance. As I write now I feel certain trepidation. Disquiet I’m sure many have felt before when they anticipate an answer to the question I have in mind. My attempt is to afford ‘an answer’, by my own agency, for my own consequence relative to this question. Yet, by virtue of my sharing my humanity, as I do, with who ever is to engage with this enterprise, my answers will I am sure, reflect your capacity to answer also. In this manner I feel I transcend somewhat the ostensibly selfish nature of my endeavor. Yet, maybe I am wrong.

I am a student of psychology and philosophy. Additionally, I am a musician and I have being playing music in some form or other since the age of 7. Yet, I am no ‘genius’, I am not particularly ‘creative’, I am not especially ‘talented’, nor am I exceptionally ‘intelligent’. With some self-reflection and various little experience I have come to reason that what ambition I do exhibit is not derived from the pursuit of great monetary stature nor the aspiration to be celebrated any more than necessary. What I am, what I might truly assert, is that I am interested. Captivated with awe and wonder. When such nouns become ultimately self-reflexive I am faced with a question, a simple question. This object: the one named Mark who is a student of philosophy and psychology, and who plays music. What is the latent potential of this object? This is my question. To see myself in such light (as an object) might appear to some to be frigid, yet it is necessary in my venture. What I aim to do is answer my question in the manner in which the object appears drawn towards. That is to say, along the path of least resistance. There are indeed incalculable ways in which one might express their potential, but considering I appear somehow inclined to the study of psychology, philosophy and music, it would appear, at least as a point of departure, that I might be best advised and suited to a trail that encompasses these studies.

So, what is my potential? Truly this is a question that frightens me. I cannot attest as to precisely why that is, (I have some theories) but it is nonetheless true, and this is precisely my reason for wishing to answer it. What I aim to do is this. Using the available pertinent literature and theory of philosophy, experimental findings in psychology, tips and tricks from those gone before me, the methods and techniques used by the professionals, and the life hacks so easily accessible in such an information laden environment, applying it to my musical endeavors my aim is to find out how creative I can be? Using Anders Erickson’s model, of 10, 000 hours to develop mastery as a timeline and setting myself an superficially unachievable goal, can the potential that lies dormant in the object that is me find expression and possibly be recognized as mastery?

Why I do this in a public arena, on this blog, is because I wish to share some of this endeavor with you. Over the course of the next few years I will be engaging with psychological material and possibly developing material that will be of use to anyone who wishes to develop their ‘creative side’. Also, I will be exploring some of the contemporary and historical philosophical literature that has being espoused over the years that caters to these endeavors. Additionally, I will be addressing some of the more tangible pragmatic issues that facilitate and support the creative state, such as, productivity, discipline, planning, time management, health, nutrition, sleep etc. (I may even delve into the world of the esoteric, and quite possibly some narcotics).

And so, I think you have a good understanding of where I am coming from, my intentions going forth, and whether or not you should stick around or even come back again. If you do come back it is my hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to engage with any of the conversation, in fact, I am relying on it 🙂


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