What is In Awe of Wonder?

What is In Awe of Wonder?
In Awe of Wonder is a venture, a consideration and a discussion. The aim of In Awe Of Wonder for me,

  •  As a personal project – is an attempt at consolidating my passions and my interests into one articulate meaningful whole.
  • As more of an exploration or consideration – is to stretch my appreciation of creativity and partake in a consistent evolution of learning.
  • As an exposition or elucidation – is to interpret and explore just what are the best methods, techniques etc to help cultivate creativity and in doing so become more creatively industrious.

For those who engage with the material on the blog In Awe of Wonder is, with any luck, a dependable and stimulating fount of knowledge, which concentrates predominantly on what might be referred to as the ‘creative process’. The prime question or topic being addressed on the blog is the matter of latent creative potential.

  • What is the degree of covert possibility that resides within my being, or in my relations to my environment, and consequently what are the best means by which to extract or harness it, and thusly express it?

Over the forthcoming weeks months and years, I will each week solicit myself to answer a question.

  • Having researched and hopefully sufficiently answered it, I will post a video and/or transcribe the text describing whatever process or information I have uncovered.
  • I’ll endeavor to do this in the most scholastic and rigorous manner possible whilst at the same time striving to convey any conclusions or understandings in a fashion that best addresses and considers the readership.
  • If it is a technique I will illuminate the process and my successes or failures with it, and how it might be best implemented etc.
  • If it is a philosophical position I will attempt to depict it as clearly an concisely as possible and consider whether or not it has any real world application, and so on.

I will be applying all of these techniques and understandings to my own creative endeavours, the bulk of which finds expression in the production of music.

  • Each week, having attempted to address whichever respective question, I will evaluate my own progress from my own point of view, whilst attempting to be as objective as possible.
  • Any information I feel to be relevant I will be passing on in the form of instructional videos or written posts for your consumption.

As I talked about in more detail on the about page, In Awe Of Wonder is part of a more comprehensive project that I am undertaking. My reasons then for keeping the blog are two fold.

  • Firstly, to provide the social support for myself that I feel necessary to assist and encourage me to succeed with the more inclusive project.
  • Secondly, and quite obviously, to pass on any useful or important information that might be of help to like-minded and curious individuals.

What can we expect from In Awe Of Wonder?
As I mentioned earlier I will, where conceivable, strive to be as academically rigorous as possible. However, considering the nature of the subject at hand, it’s not going to be 100% possible 100% of the time. Nonetheless
What can you expect?

  • Experimental psychological findings in the area of creativity and related or peripheral fields.
  • Tried and tested tips and tricks such as, what is the most creatively conducive environment?
  • What are the mind-sets and cognitions involved that best facilitate creative expressions and how can we best approach and get into these mind-sets or best utilise these cognitions?
  • What are the current and historical philosophical positions on creativity?
  • What is involved in creativity from a neurobiological or neurophysiological point of view?
  • Creativity from a sociological position?
  •  An anthropological and cultural position?
  • Maybe, for the fun, we will delve into a little aesthetics, and possibly modes of creativity from an ontological or other philosophical points of reference etc.
  • And maybe most importantly, the intention of In Awe of Wonder is to engage the discussion of the role creativity plays in the individual’s life and society, and consequently the many hats it wears.
  • Creativity tends to be a broad term. So we will attempt to elucidate over the coming months and years some of the distinctions that may be derived when we speak of creativity i.e. distinctions between artistic creative endeavours Vs what we might see as some of the more pragmatic creative endeavours such as engineering or science etc. What and where are the distinctions, if they exist at all?
  • On a more tangible note we will be considering things such as time management in relation to creative enterprises, some basic lifestyle concerns and how to get into the habit of creativity. Additionally if you are “new” to the creative endeavour or striving to be so I will be suggesting basic or fundamental efforts that should result in long lasting engagement with creative undertakings.

So to close, I might just say that my mind is wide open, so if you would like to suggest any ideas for the blog or you already have thought about some of the issues I have referred to, or you would like to kindly point me in the direction of some interesting research etc., or you just want to say hi, you can either comment below or email me at inaweofwonder@gmail.com.

Any information I post on the site is uncopyrighted and free for dissemination unless otherwise stated.


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